Monday, 30 November 2009

Gorringes, Kent

The story behind the picture.....

Some friends of mine rented the 'maid's quarters of this house in Kent. If I remember rightly the house was, at that time, owned by an ex policeman who drove a red sports car with a personalised number plate, and from time to time I would stay there. I was on my own there one day and sat in the garden with a scotch on the rocks, a drawing pad and a pencil and started to draw the house, sadly it was never finished.

I remember a party we held there once, lots of Bob Marley music played using 'records' you remember those funny round black things?????? Some neighbours got fed up of the music (or us 'yuppies') and although the memory is a bit mixed up I think they used sticks with coke cans on the end to smash the windows - or maybe it was a rock....... kind of dampened things to say the least! I was seventeen and can vaguely remember wearing black jeans a thin gold belt and probably a black cap sleeved t-shirt.............

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