Monday, 30 November 2009

Harrow to Heathrow

I suppose all journeys have to start somewhere, I'm not sure when or where mine started or when and where it will end, but I know deep down life doesn't stand still and, for me anyway, the journey still continues.

Maybe it began with family outings to the beach, often in the rain, stuck inside the car with a picnic box or take away fish and chips. Or perhaps walks on the pier, amusement arcades and fun fairs.

One little bit at a time the journey began to develop, in those early days it was a trip back into England's past, a study of English culture and history that would eventually cross the English Channel into the unknown territory of foreign languages, continental lifestyle and the wonders of international cuisine.

But first the United Kingdom had to be conquered before the rest of the journey could start. A trip that would stretch between the White Cliffs of Dover to the Isle of Skye and the mountains and coastline of Wales.

My love of the past grew with my journey, the United Kingdom has much to offer, castles and cottages, stately homes and palaces, but there was nothing better than the feeling you get when you are all alone in a vast open countryside, the wind blowing gently on your face and through your hair, knowing that nothing has changed in hundreds or maybe thousands of years.

But like I said, this was only the beginning, a humble train journey around my own country, but there were so many other places yet to be explored!

And so I conquered England with all it's National Trust Castles and Stately Homes.

A fascination for architecture began to develop, it was not only the old pretty cottages and residences, nor the Art Deco and Art Nouveau buildings still to be found in London, but the newer high tech structures that had started to appear in all their glory.

The LLoyd's of London buliding by Richard Rogers and the TV AM building by Terry Farrell (no relation!) were the most talked about at the time.


A love of architecture wouldn't be complete without a trip to Egypt, sadly hidden behind the remains of the former glory are scenes of poverty.

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